Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sarah's first book

Sarah's first attempt to publish her own book.
She has been making attempts to write letters, copy words (both English and Chinese characters) on random scraps of paper. 
2 weeks ago, I've prepared some small booklets so that she can start writing in them like the 'Letter Getter' series.
I read a friend's blog and picked up some ideas on how to get Sarah started.
Since she is only 4 years and 4 months old, I assisted her by telling her that we are going to write a book on numbers.
I've chosen the theme on 'bugs' to align with the school's theme.
She named the bugs that she has learnt in school and I wrote using a highlighter.
But getting her to trace over the words it also helps with penmanship and modeling, as she still tends to get a little confused by the orientation of the letters.

After tracing the letters, we run through the words again to reinforce word recognition.
Then she started drawing.

It's quite a big project for a 4 year old, after 2 hours. She was exhausted so we took another day to colour the pictures.

She is most confident in recognizing the last 2 Chinese characters - 'Kun Chong' which means bugs in Chinese.

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